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Getting to us from Dublin

We are located about an hour south of Dublin (26 miles), in the Glenmalure Valley.  If you are coming in from Dublin Airport, you have a few options on how to get down to us.
Car Rental-(of your choice) Keep in mind we drive on the left side of the road, and the roads are winding!  But its a beautiful drive. Prices vary.
Shuttle- **Most recommended**
Full Service for your traveling convenience. They meet you outside baggage claim, help you with your baggage and take you door to door without a worry to you. Can travel with 6 passengers for the same price. €150 one-way.
Regular Taxi-(of your choice) The average cab caught from the airport to here averages €150-€180
AirCoach- Located right outside of baggage claim, for €20 round trip (if booked in advance), you can take the bus to Lidl in Greystones and for a small fee, we will pick you up.
Traveling from the Dublin Connolly Station, You would book your travel to Rathdrum for €8.99 one way, (if booked in advance online). Please check for arrival times and departures to make sure it coincides with your air travel. Many people prefer this if they are planning on staying a few days in Dublin.  We will pick you up from the station.
For all other inquiries....  look here.
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